Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Summer Loving

Welcome back for another Stamping Saturday! It feels like I just posted last week's mani and it's time for a new one...maybe it's because I was a few days late, haha

I told myself I *HAD* to use bright color and there are pretty eye searing...thus the sunglasses, lol
I've been meaning to do more drip marbled and so I got out some Bonita Colors and got to work...Tickled Pink, Lovers & Friends, and Ibiza Nightlife. I added a bit of CG Liquid Leather too.

I did some drips without black as I knew I wanted to stamp in black so I was aiming for a sort of transitional flow...also it's hard to remember what order I did the colors in to try and replicate the same marble pattern...

I kind of wish I had black in all of looks like night fall is approaching in some bright summery destination

But then I stamped. And all was better! I used two Bundle Monster plates - BM 508 & BM 510 for the sunglasses and the palm tree, and stamped with BornPretty Store black. For the "Summer Loving" I used MdU White and the plate UR Beautiful 04 - this is the same plate from this watermelon mani I did not long ago. These specific plates are quite a hot topic in the stamping community and many feel strongly one way or the other regarding the purchase and use of known dupe plates. As to my feelings on it...well, I got the dupe and am using it ;)

Thanks for checking in! I have another drip marble in the works and two more stamped looks completed, so hopefully that leads to me posting this week!