Thursday, August 7, 2014

Extra Toppings: Holo Top Coat!

I've ordered my first holo topper as soon as I realized how pretty holo polishes are - and let it sit there without use for too fingers are always wearing something else and I forget to holo them, lol
So for this look I used the following polishes:

ULTA -Envy, Liquid Sky Lacquer - Holo Top Coat, Bonita - You Mint a Lot to Me

I've had Envy for years, and last week I used up pretty much my whole bottle on craft project (another dragon egg) and had to repurchase to make sure I had enough. And as you can see from the orange sticker, it's on clearance because it's being discontinued! At least I got a second bottle white there was still some left in the bins.
The Bonita polish is new in my collection - I'm moving over from purples to minty greens and picked this one up at Rite Aid.

I wore You Mint a Lot to Me for a few days with the holo topper before stamping over it. Whatever base & top coat I used this time around made the polish wear pretty well, so before taking it off I wanted to stamp over it, the green was just pulling me to use it...

Stamping done with Envy and MoYou London plate Sailor 04.
I've been meaning to try a summery/beach mani, and I think this design is actually fitting - there's more in the sea than just colorful fish, the plant life is pretty as well!

I really need to work more on my clean up and photography...close ups make me cringe, but this is all I got for now.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stamping: Grey & Aqua

It's definitely been a while since I've made a blog has really been putting a damper on any nail art :(  But I've been trying to post on IG a little bit more, username is koikitty if anyone would like to follow :)

So here's what I managed to put on my nails, in anticipation of #StampingSaturday but then I didn't see a linkup from The Fancy Side! :O
Base: Julep Braiden, stamping with MdU #24 (Aqua), PUEEN plate 32