Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stamping: Grey & Aqua

It's definitely been a while since I've made a blog has really been putting a damper on any nail art :(  But I've been trying to post on IG a little bit more, username is koikitty if anyone would like to follow :)

So here's what I managed to put on my nails, in anticipation of #StampingSaturday but then I didn't see a linkup from The Fancy Side! :O
Base: Julep Braiden, stamping with MdU #24 (Aqua), PUEEN plate 32
I've been liking all the stardust finishes Julep has been putting out, like a compulsion, I have to have each new one they add! The matte and the sparkly and even the texture, are all really pretty! I wore Braiden for about 3 days before recycling it and adding stamping on top :)

Braiden - Graphite stardust (textured matte glitter)