Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NYC Rule the City & Stamping

NYC has a new limited edition collection called Fashion Queen - and this is one of the Crystal Couture polishes called Rule the City. It's a unique color to my collection but it slightly reminds me of an indie I picked up a while ago that has a similar thing going on - gray and bright glitters of color. Maybe I'll do a mani using each and see if they're anything alike! 

This is my attempt to better show the color under the stamping. And of course it's a better closeup of the tip wear I've got going on, lol. I used Sinful Colors Casablanca for stamping, and one of my new plates from the HeHe collection (which I swatched here). I totally thought I'd use the swirls from plate 015 in a blue ocean-y mani, but here it is, fitting in nicely with this color scheme :)  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Colab Contribution

One of the FB groups I'm in, recently had a fall manicure collaboration and I was glad that I participated, even though I procrastinated till the last minute! But that's how it usually goes for me, lol. I really wanted to try for a "leaves floating on water" look and thanks to the new BM Sun Kissed collection's plate 509, I had the tools for the water effect!!! I even had comments on IG and FB about the water - which means I successfully transferred my idea onto my nails! Woohoo!! And BM 004 for the maple leaves of course :) 

Monday, September 15, 2014

September is Stamping Month! Day 15 - Clouds/Rain

I've been waiting to do this design! I was inspired by mypolishstash 's mani on instagram and have been eagerly waiting for my chance to re-create it :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September is Stamping! Day 14 - Leaves

Here we are with day 14! I totally missed all of the ones I was looking forward to the most (dragon & fish) but I'm still around :)
I started a new job last week...but it's more like a transfer, so still the same strict polish rules and it just discourages me from doing nail art during the week :(

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Stamping Plates: HeHe & Qgirl

I'm very excited to be adding these plates to my collection, they're so cute! And the packaging is adorable!

I ordered these through a group buy, so I don't have the whole sets for these, but only the plates I really wanted.

September Stamping: Day 2 - Lace

Day 2 - Lace
I'm still around for day 2, this time with more neutral and subdued colors!

I used Julep Lorenzana as my base, and topped it with Liquid Sky Lacquer Holo Top Coat, and I gotta say it looked pretty awesome - office appropriate holo!!
Polishes and Plates in use:
Also (not pictured), MdU #2 Black for the stamping
The stamping continues!
See what others participants did :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Stamping: Day 1 - Flowers

I found out about this challenge in AiS group on FB and would like to attempt it as best as I can for the month of September :)  Details and info can be seen here, and a list of participants over here.
I know I won't be able to do all 30 days, as I'm leaving for vacation soon, and then there's my work restrictions on no nail art..but I'll do what I can, and put my plates and polishes to good use :)
Day 1- Flowers
This look was inspired by nail wraps I saw while out shopping this weekend. I often see pretty designs on them but always think "I bet I can do the same look with stamping"....and then never actually attempt it, lol. This time the inspiration and the prompt were just days apart and I had to try it.