Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Stamping Plates: HeHe & Qgirl

I'm very excited to be adding these plates to my collection, they're so cute! And the packaging is adorable!

I ordered these through a group buy, so I don't have the whole sets for these, but only the plates I really wanted.
Hehe plate 22

Hehe 22

Hehe plate 15
Hehe 15
Hehe plate 18

Hehe 18
Hehe plate 4
Hehe 4

Hehe plate 3
Hehe 3

Hehe plate 23
Hehe 23

I used Sinful Colors Black on Black to test these, firm Konad stamper, and a dough scraper.

On the little faces here I had a hard time picking up the images, so I used MdU #2 black and a metal scraper

The kitties didn't want to pick up as well, so again, MdU #2 and metal scraper

This is my first time actually stamping all the plates and I realize how poorly Black on Black stamps now that I have MdU for comparison!
These sets are available on aliexpress (HeHe and Qgirl) and I've seen some plates at bornprettystore