Tuesday, August 9, 2016

BornPretty Store: Clear Stampers

Today's post is going to be a little different, in that there is no nail art shown, but it's a peek at some tools of the trade and items used in the majority of my stamped designs.
*Purchased by me* *Affiliate links*

These are clear stampers, and yes, I have more than one, as likely any stamping addict has ;)
After the original clear jelly stamper (CJS) came out, I held off on buying it for quite a while. In fact, I don't actually have the original one even at this point in time. As is the trend with stamping plates, other manufacturers release same/similar products and soon enough these clear stampers were popping up on Aliexpress and BornPretty Store. Then came the xl version of it and all the various holders, and all are cheaper than the original.

This is item #25560 and it was the first size of stamper head available. Initially the holders were frosted but pretty soon clear options and even colored ones were added. Personally, I love the clear holder and the fact that there is a cap - no worries about getting pet hair on it or a curious kitty taking a bite out of it!

The diameter of the stamper head is 2.8cm so it's pretty standard for what stampers initially were like.

As you can see, the image is visible through the holder and you just have to navigate to where you want to place it and press down :)

The second stamper is item #26498 and has a larger surface area closer to 4cm - which is pretty generous! Again, clear case and cap!

And the last one that I have is item #30860 and I gotta say, this has to be my favorite of the bunch.

Doesn't it just look so much sleeker and like it means business? The blue metal holder has a curve to it which makes for a comfy fit, and it's heavier and just feels really solid.

Visibility is great with this one, and it also has a cap. I tend to use this one more often, both for smaller and larger designs.

There are quite a lot of choices on BornPretty Store for stampers - in a variety of sizes and colors. Part of the stamping addiction is hoping that whatever the newest stamper is, would become like the holy grail stamper. Either it's the softest one ever, or it picks up images consistently, or it's simply big enough for longer nails. Then there's also decal making - the more stampers you have, the more decals you can make at the same time.

If making a purchase through BornPretty Store, I'd appreciate if you used my 10% off code KOIG10 if it applies to your order (non-sale items)!