Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hello and welcome to today's post! The second prompt for July in The Lacquer Ring was chevrons and I do realize this is week one of August already but I did my chevrons and then procrastinated doing the actual typing. And then when I was ready to blog, my computer decided it didn't want to cooperate with me. For a moment there I thought I might lose everything and there's so many manis I have not shared yet!! Ack, that was a good reminder to back up and actually post more often ;D

Can you spot my chevrons there? They were more for the details on this mani! My original intent with chevrons was to make a scaled gradient to look like dragon scales! I have watched this great tutorial by Simply Nailogical numerous times before and kept putting off doing this design. It is kind of an intimidating process and every now and then I'll either have a break or intentionally file down my nails so not much room for trying something like that. No excuses this time, I did it.

My colors were all Nvr Enuff - Zombie Unicorn, Equinox and Unicorn Poison. I used chevron nail vinyls from What's Up Nails and a make-up sponge for the gradient and liquid latex for the cuticle and finger protection.
At first I was just going to do two scales because I didn't think I had enough space, but as I did my first scale I decided to try and squeeze in three. My spacing was already off with too much showing at the tops, and I also learned that it's important to place the vinyls with the peaks and valleys matching up or else the design will be skewed...I only noticed this when I got to my pinkie finger so it was too late.

I don't feel like I got a dragon looking scale effect with this, but the color scheme reminded me of mountains so I added some stamping and got this scenery.

I used a tree image from plate 2-02 by UberChic Beauty and stamped it twice onto the nails - once with MdU Fiji and then with Spring Green. I actually did try to get a gradient tree stamp done so it could be a quadruple scaled gradient! But those trees were looking too sparse and not very foresty, so I opted for double stamping. I used black polish and the birds/ducks image from Winstonia's Hunter's Life plate.

Having a clear stamper is definitely helpful when trying to get exact placement of images. I have a few clear stampers so I think it's time to do a post on them specifically and add some variety to my blog posts. I have a couple blog posts planned this week so check back!