Friday, August 12, 2016


Welcome back for another The Lacquer Ring post - the color prompt is Tardis Blue! I'm just going to say it upfront...this is not one of my fandoms (it may be in the future!) so I was a bit stumped this time around...and don't think I've quite hit the mark.
I've kept it simple with just an accent nail and just drooled over this blue polish I acquired.
This lovely China Glaze is called Combat Blue-ts and is part of the Fall 2016 Rebel collection. This collection kind of fell off my radar as I wasn't looking for fall colors yet. I randomly passed by a Sally's this week and saw that they are having a B2G1 deal going on this month and mentally checked what colors I've been meaning to buy. Too Yacht To Handle is needing a backup but a deal is a deal, and a girl needs to pick 2 other colors - that's when I turned to the internet to find out what the fall collection is like.
After much browsing I narrowed down my choices to Combat Blue-ts and Pearl Jammin, and maaaybe Blue Ya. But if you've been following my posts you probably know I have a preference for blues ;) Unfortunately the stores in my area only had a handful of fall colors and Combat Blue-ts is the only one I found...and I love it. This is such a beautiful blue and it only takes one coat to be opaque if you're applying it a bit thick. It dried really fast and it dried matte. It's awesome! I'm definitely happy with this one and started doing some drag marble decals with it already.
For this post though, I wanted to keep the focus on the color and not go all out with the nail art. So I stamped a design from a BornPretty Store plate BP-39 (item # ) in white. I honestly bought this plate just for this one stamp! I removed a few extra lines from it - originally it looks like the design of "Keep Calm and Carry on" with the British flag background.
You can see how a glossy topcoat transforms Combat Blue-ts! It adds a nice shimmer and livens it up. Not sure how close it got to a Tardis but I found a new favorite for sure. Check out the other manis in the link up! The next prompt is going to be Tribal...which is going to be challenging for me ..hope I find inspiration soon!