Thursday, August 11, 2016

BornPretty Store: U-Shape Finger Cover

Welcome! Today I have a new item to show - and this is what I used to help me with all the clean up in my recent gradient mani.
*Purchased by me* *Affiliate Link*

This is officially called "Creative U-shape Spill-proof Nail Polish Stickers Finger Cover Nail Sticker" or otherwise known as item #27347 on BornPretty Store

There are 10 stickers per sheet, and they come in 5 colors - red, purple, green, black and blue 

Instructions on the back are pretty simple to follow - just peel off one of these stickers and stick it around your nail. I noticed that they are all the same size and was concerned if they would do their job well enough on wider nails.

My widest nail is my thumb, and the stickers stretched out to cover it pretty well - there were just a little bit that got covered up at the edges which wasn't too noticeable. 

Applying them was pretty fast and no waiting around for dry time like you would with latex - and I can see this being a plus if you're trying to cover up your non dominant hand too.

That's what my work in progress looks like on gradients! 

There was hardly any clean up around the cuticles and sidewalls when I peeled the stickers off, so I feel like they did their job well! However, they are one time use so you have to toss them. Overall, it's a fun product to try out for $1.59 or have on hand when you're a bit rushed, but I wouldn't use these every single time I'm doing a manicure. I hope this was insightful for someone!
If making a purchase through BornPretty Store, I'd appreciate if you used my 10% off code KOIG10 if it applies to your order (non-sale items)!