Thursday, August 11, 2016

Swatch & Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - Faery

It seems like it's either feast or famine on the blog content...this week I've been doing a lot of manis and am trying to fit in more time for writing actual posts. My nails are rarely naked, but posting continuously has been challenging.
Please say this looks like watermelon...because that's what I was trying to aim for.
My base polish is a lovely creme pink from Nvr Enuff Polish called Faery. This is part of their 4 piece Folklore collection and will have it's final restock 08/13/16. If you ever see my post using a Nvr Enuff polish but find a blank shop when you go to take a peek - it's because the store opens every other Saturday so check IG for updates on what's next and when its coming!

I used 3 thin coats to get this opaque - my Cinderella hand of course is much shorter in length so it gets away with just two.

I really wanted to try my hand at watermarling this time around - I've seen so many cute watermelon designs on IG lately, but it just doesn't turn out how I intend it. So I opted to do drag marble or dry marble, whichever term you prefer.

It used two other Nvr Enuff polishes for this design - Elf and Unicorn Poison. Unicorn Poison is like a dark forest green and I initially thought it was pretty blackened but it still shows it's green hue so it's perfect for my watermelon rind.

I used my silicone mat to do the drag marbling as I'm hesitant to try it on my nails...draw three lines next to each other and then drag more lines through it. I tried to have them curve so it looks more like a slice of watermelon but that failed pretty fast so I just stuck to lines.

Then I painted a layer of clear coat over them and once they dried I peeled them off and stuck them on the nails. If they dried out enough to where they're no longer sticky, I use a coat of Orly Bonder on the nails to sort of act as glue and get it to adhere. Clean up and add a few seeds with a dotting tool and voila! I hope you enjoyed!