Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stamping Saturday: China Glaze Pearl Jammin' and floral stamping

Welcome to Stamping Saturday! I've been looking forward to this polish and the stamp, so I hope it turns out good! 
My base color is China Glaze Pearl Jammin' - this is another one from the fall 2016 collection, so I feel very on trend with it. It's a pale blue with pink-copper shimmer.

When I first went to paint my nails, my thought was "oh this is sheer.. it probably will take 4 coats to cover the nail line.." and thankfully, I was wrong about that. I think on shorter nails, 2 coats is sufficient, and since mine are longer I went with a third coat. But since that was my initial impression, I went ahead and put on undies in white and black just to see the effect.
What a has so much shimmer that it completely covers the black base on my ring finger, and this nail has the strongest shimmer. Over white, it's definitely showing the pale blue and is the closest match to the bottle. But my favorite is Pearl Jammin' by itself. It's such a delicate and dainty color.

I used the flower branches image from plate YZWLE 19 and a black stamping polish to add the flowers. And then of course my topcoat would smear things...but it happens. 

I actually changed the two middle nails to be Pearl Jammin' on its own but forgot to take pictures and stamped right away.

I'm excited for this week as the Hobby Polish Bloggers (HPB) group is having a monthly linkup and the theme is goldfish. I think that's as close as I'm gonna get to a "koi" prompt so I feel I must participate. I hope you drop by to see what I make!