Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Whimsical Birdie

How is it Tuesday already...time is really flying by, and I have my Stamping Saturday mani to show!

It's it adorable? Read more for the details!
I recently showed a mani using one of Nvr Enuff cremes from the Folklore collection, but I actually do have the other 3 polishes as well.

Elf, Dove, Duchess, Faery. All have a creamy formula and take 3 coats for me - once topcoated, they're so buttery and smooth looking! Despite having a wide variety of polishes, applying a creme finish is just so satisfying. Is that odd?

I used a white base and sponged on the 4 colors for the gradient. Protecting the cuticles is important when doing messy nail art! I tried out a new product that's meant to reduce clean up and will post about it tomorrow.

At this point I really debated between leaving it be or adding sparkles or flakies for a more fairytale-like setting, but husband advised against it as I planned to double stamp. I think it was a good choice, it would have been too busy, right?

This cute chubby owl is from a new to me plate, the collection is on Aliexpress and it's called YZWLE. I used plate 19 both for the bird and the leafy vines, double stamping the vines in white and black. I'm curious if there would be any interest in me showing some more plates on the blog..new ones are constantly being made and I like to add to my collection.

This is the specific listing I purchased from, I got about 10 plates and they were around $.50 each - the prices fluctuate but they're still less than a dollar per plate.

Our Stamping Saturdays have been quieter...I hope this means people are enjoying the summer activities, but if you stamp and want to join us, then please do!