Thursday, September 24, 2015

HPB Presents & 30 Days of Colour: Autumn

 I've joined a great group on FB recently - Hobby Polish Bloggers (HPB for short) and although I'm still lurking and not posting, I wanted to participate for the first time in their themed linkups - and the theme is Autumn/Fall! Of course there'd be a prompt like that in the 30 Days of Colour Challenge too, for Day 22.

As soon as I saw the inspiration and the first swatch of Frenzy Polish Apple Picking, it had to be mine, and I had to stamp leaves on it. It was decided on first sight! 
And here's the inspiration pic that caused this need to own Apple Picking! It definitely stands out from the usual fall palette but fits perfectly at the same time :D

For the stamped leaves I used plate BP-19 from BornPrettyStore & SH Insta-Dri Wined Up. Wined Up has become a staple color for stamping this time of year, probably because I came across it before I got into specialty stamping polishes, and it did such a good job that I keep going back to it. 

This is actually my first Frenzy Polish - but I've been eyeing them for a while. The bottles have such cute labels and when the color is gorgeous too, no use resisting the temptation, right?

Apple Picking is a teal crelly filled with a wide variety of glitters. I love how the larger red, green and yellow ones literally remind me of apples!

To be honest, I'm still intimidated by crelly polishes. Even more so now that my nails have grown to their longest length ever. Visible nail line really bothers me and when I first applied the polish to my Cinderella hand, that's what I noticed still showing, even though my nails are so much shorter on my right hand. So I put on white undies (I like SH Insta-Dri OMGhost for that purpose, it dries quick and only takes one coat).  The teal popped a lot brighter over white (that's 3 coats of Apple Picking over white) and that's exactly what I wanted it to look like. I guess I like the "cream" part of the crelly more than the "jelly", lol.
Perhaps I used really thin coats, as the formula is good and not runny, maybe thicker coats would have given me the coverage I'm comfortable with. Still, this is such a pretty color that I don't mind going back to play with it again to see if I can handle it commando ;)