Monday, September 7, 2015

30 Days of Colour: Orange & Blue

 Day 6 Orange & Day 7 Blue
Since I like to add nail art to most of my manis, I noticed that what I ended up doing for the orange prompt could double as blue as well - so here's 2 in one! I quite like the idea - I'm already incorporating it into turquoise and magenta, so come back to check that one out in a couple of days ;)
I'm going to say that this is the first official koi design, of hopefully many more to com. As it's the blog name, the koi is present in pretty much every social media account I have, so it's about time I started on the manis :)
The blue is Sinful Colors Navy I do. I didn't test out it's stamping capabilities, but it does match really well with MdU Navy, which is what I used to stamp the koi design from Messy Mansion 09. This plate was my first venture into indie stamping plates, almost 2 years ago. And yes, it's taken me that long to finally use the image how I pictured it when I first saw it!
The beautiful flakies are Revlon Galactic - which is part of their double sided nail art polishes, Moon Candy.
This perfect eye-searing orange is Japanese Koi from China Glaze. I found it on clearance some time ago, as it's an older release (2008?) This orange neon was just waiting till I reaches for it, and I'm glad I did!
 Since I'm double dipping in the prompts, lets see what else has been linked up for orange & blue! Even if you don't blog, if you can link to your picture, you can add it to the link up - it's open till the end of the month! It's pretty casual, and thankfully no one's coming after me when I'm late or skip a day - the challenge is a personal undertaking to dive into my stash :)
*Day 2 in 31DC2015 was also orange, so I'm gonna say this mani counts for both ;)