Sunday, September 20, 2015

30 Days of Colour: Nude & Neon

 Day 17 Neon & Day 20 Nude
I had the idea for this mani some time ago and despite other color prompts, I reaaaaly wanted to do it, so I did, and just saved it for today's prompt ;)
The neon pops against the nude in a different way than it does when it's a stark white base, I really like the look. 

And the nude polish is one of my favorites, it's Fair Maiden Polish Fairest of Them All. The neon polishes are Yas and Slay from LynB Designs
Fairest Of Them All is a holographic nude polish. I feel like I have mannequin hands when I wear this one by itself. It's one of my favorites from Fair Maiden. I used 2 coats and the nail line was barely visible, but I didn't add a third coat as I knew I'd add art to it which would cover up most of it. Besides, normal people would probably not notice it, right?

 The stamping plate I used is Beauty A-021, which is a knockoff of Moyou Pro XL 06. This flower image is the only one I wanted on the whole plate, and as my nails were nubs for a long time, I rarely purchased an XL plate as the designs are too big. That's how I justified getting the knockoff :)

I'm already seeing the fill line dropping on this nude, that shows how much I like it! But I know that for many others finding a perfect nude is hard because of different skin tones - have you found yours or given up on it? Or maybe you hate nudes in the first place?