Thursday, September 3, 2015

30 Days of Colour: Pink

Day 3 is  Pink 
I'm kind of surprised by how my color preferences are slowly changing. Not that long ago, I hardly had any pinks in my collection, but that's been rapidly changing. This is one of my more recent additions, Fair Maiden - Dance Up On Me.   It's a pink holo with tiny pink flakes in it.

 It's a LE polish, only 100 were released for sale, and I actually snoozed and didn't buy it. I rationalized that I'm not *that* into pinks and could pass on it. But I couldn't, haha. I think LE polishes only get a small announcement prior to release, so a buyer doesn't have the luxury to browse multiple blogger swatches and get a better idea of all the ranges of shades a certain color can look, or what minute details it has that sets it apart from others. But after seeing more and more swatches of it, I tracked one down and purchased it - and it's #2! I know it's silly, but I'm thrilled to have the 2nd bottle from the release. Thank you to the kind seller <3
 This went on really smooth and I applied 2 coats to get the coverage you see here.
 The tiny flakes add the something extra to this polish, and that's what sets it aside from it's nearest dupe. Any guesses? Take a look at Enchanted Polish June 2015 ;) My Lacquer Cabinet did a comparison post. I stopped purchasing the mystery monthlies, so I don't have a comparison of my own, but I don't feel like I need the other one when I already own this beautiful Fair Maiden.
 Look at the bottle shot! I managed to capture the flakies :D
 Of course I wanted to dress it up with some stamping, but I think I should have left it alone. My choice of stamp was half-hearted, because nothing stood out as "use me! we go well together!!" As I learned, Dance Up on Me is more than fine by itself. My stamp was from MoYou Gothic 05, with the now usual Ya Qin An black stamping polish.
Surprise sunshine! Changed it's hue, but brought out the holo.
Fair Maiden is a brand I've come to love a lot, and I look forward to their new collection! Maybe I'll get to swatch something else before 30 Days are over ;)
Now onto the other pink participants!