Tuesday, September 1, 2015

30 Days of Colour: Red

30 Days of Colour is happening again and I'm feeling ambitious!! Let's see how long I can make it :D Red it also day 1's prompt in 31DC2015, another month-long challenge. Maybe I can double dip if other days are coinciding or are close enough
Day 1 is RED
 I don't wear red often, but I do have a couple in my collection. I wanted to show off this one - Lacquistry Rediculous. I think on shorter nails this is easily a one-coater. But because I'm hung up about any VNL not showing, I did apply a second coat. It's basically the red version of Amazeballz which is a struggle to describe if you aren't familiar with these polishes - it's like tiny metalic/foil like particles. No issues with removal as it's not glitter.
And a new discovery - Messy Mansion designs now fit my nails pretty much perfectly in terms of length! The rose is from MM20, and the quality is top of the line as far as stamping plates go. Black polish of choice is Ya Qin An from BornPretty Store.

Ta-da! Day 1 is complete, look at all these reds!!