Monday, August 31, 2015

Swatch & Art: China Glaze - At Vase Value

Say hello to yet another China Glaze from my stash! At Vase Value, really changes color based on lighting - while I had it on, it swayed from a washed out robin's egg blue to a baby blue that really popped. You can tell the color ranges from what's on the nails and what's in the bottle - they're not identical all the time!

 I was pleasantly surprised that it took me just 2 coats to get full coverage. I was worried that it would be thin and streaky. 
Can you guess the stamping plate? Mhm, another Loja BBF 34. I am aiming to go through all the designs on it! Navy stamping polish is MdU.

Stay tuned, there's just 2 more designs left on the plate! And I will be attempting to participate in 30 Days of Colour during the month of September, so lots more manis to come! :D