Sunday, August 30, 2015

Swatch & Art: China Glaze - Thistle Do Nicely

For this simple stamped manicure I used a base of China Glaze Thistle do Nicely. It was rather hard to capture the color of this bright beauty, it's neon pink! I put it on in the evening and went for a walk with hubby, I was staring at my nails the whole time. Turns out I like neons, lol! It was practically glowing pinky-orange and there's no way to capture that in a photo.
It was a bit streaky for me and dried somewhat matte, but I got the coverage I was after in 3 coats and the glossy look with a topcoat.
Black makes a great contrasting color for neons, so that's what I used. Ya Qin An in black, from BornPretty Store that I purchased recently. I'm definitely pleased with this polish and it's become my go-to black.
The beautiful lace is from a recently used Loja BBF 34. I'm trying to use up all of the designs on this plate :D