Saturday, August 15, 2015

#StampingSaturday: Floatin Trailer Park

I'm taking a break from gradients this Saturday and doing a simple stamped mani inspired by the polish itself - Gunpowder Lacquer Floatin Trailer Park.

I missed the initial launch of this new indie brand, but this color kept drawing me to the site again and again and I finally picked it up at a restock. As a bonus it came with the little sailboat vinyls from Vinyl It Up. How fitting, right? All that's missing are some waves, and that's easy enough to fix .
I used Bundle Monster 725 for the wave look and double stamped with MdU Pastel Blue and Navy. I think I ruined my stamper when priming, because it didn't give me crisp lines, but instead, it looks slightly textured, as if drawn with a crayon or chalk. I think the effect is nice with this color scheme but it wasn't deliberate! Well, that's all the excuse I need to order a backup/replacement stamper ;)

Here's Floatin Trailer Park by itself. It's an aqua blue with scattered holo, and it had me questioning my eyes the whole 3 days that I wore it by itself! It kept flipping on me, from aqua to sky blue to teal.

I'm definitely not done with colors like this - I need them all!
Blue, right? I kept sticking my hand in front of my husband's face and asking him what color my nails were, haha, I bet he was annoyed.

Definitely pleased with Floatin Trailer Park <3 

As usual, if you've got a stamped mani on, link up! We'd love to have you join us :)

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