Saturday, August 29, 2015

#StampingSaturday: Starry Night

I think I'm meant to be late for Stamping Saturday all the time...this week I actually had my mani done in time and then we had a power outage from the storm, so I couldn't post even if I was ready! Anyways, on to the mani..
I was going to hold off on darker colors because I'm still enjoying the bright and summery ones, but you know...some brands just have to put out gorgeous shades, and naturally, they need to go on my nails asap!
So much bling going on here! The polish itself is a night sky in the bottle, don't even need to add anything to it. But I did my stamping over it, using MdU White and plates Ya Qin An 20 and Bundle Monster 610. thumbnail made it to the photo shoot for once, it rarely gets any attention. My thumbnails always break really far down and I have to baby them till they grow long enough to be clipped off, so they're always nubs. But this one caught a star so I get to show it off :) 
So what is this beauty in a bottle?
Nvr Enuff Polish Soiree. A whole collection was restocked recently and while it was hard to not get them all, this one really stood out to me. And the night sky is exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Blue jelly with holo glitters and stars, oh my. But I didn't use it alone, as I had another color on already and I feel like they were meant to go together.
This gorgeous navy holo is Fairytale Finish Beastquake. It's a given that these two had to be paired, right? I was really pleased with Beastquake, even with the 3 coats I used, it clearly read as navy, not so dark that you'd have to be guessing if it's black or not. I just wish I got better pictures of it, but that's alright...I'm looking forward to using it again! Soiree is a lot lighter in color, so Beastquake undies darkened it, which is what I wanted to achieve. Hope you enjoyed this look! 

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