Wednesday, September 9, 2015

30 Days of Colour: Magenta & Turquoise

Day 8 is Turquoise & Day 9 is Magenta
I'm sure I could have dug around and come up with a turquoise to use on it's own, but I liked the 2-in-1 color combo, so here's the next one I put together. I'm not sure if that's more turquoise or teal, after a while my eyes give up trying to differentiate, but my stamping polish is MdU Fiji.  Once I pulled it out and stared at my girly magenta nails, trying to decide on a design that showed off both colors, I realized what I was holding - teal is the color of the awareness ribbon for PCOS and Ovarian Cancer. And the month of awareness is September. And I just happen to have an Uber Chic plate (3-01) hanging out on my desk that proudly shows off the ribbon and the slogan "fight like a girl".  I seriously didn't want to take this mani off, and was really tempted to skip the rest of the challenges and keep making teal manis for the rest of the month. I wear teal for me.
Now how about that magenta? Say hello to one coat of Nvr Euff Polish Unicorn Bait.
The website description says "a bright deep pinkberry holo" but I'm saying this is going to pass for a magenta for my purposes ;)  I wasn't into pinks until not that long ago, but this polish is gorgeous and I'm so glad I own it. You need it too!

In the shade it looks slightly more berry-ish and delicious. One coat...I can't get over that! With the length my nails are at now, I often need 3 coats to cover my free edge enough so it won't bother me. Not an issue at all with Unicorn Bait!! 
 Indoor lighting because I can't get enough of this polish...more sparkles :D And I really should get additional hand poses, lol

Let's see the other magentas and turquoises, shall we? Add your own if you've got it!