Sunday, March 13, 2016

#31DC2016Weekly: Orange - Japanese Koi

Welcome to the second installment of #31DC2016Weekly, this week's prompt is Orange! It's not a well favored color for many, and I typically shy away from it, but this time I had an idea in mind!
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It's not mermaid scales this time, it's koi scales!
Smoosh designs are pretty popular right now, so that's what I chose to do as my base. Armed with Snow me White by Sinful Colors and China Glaze's Japanese Koi, I started with a white base and put a latex protective all around my nails. I used Japanese Koi before, for another koi mani -see it here- and came back to it again, it's one of the few oranges I own and I love how bright it is!

 Last time I did smoosh nailsI put the colors onto a stamper and pressed into my nailsthis time I applied the colors straight on the nail and pressed the stamper to smoosh them
I like how they turned out, a very pretty marbled look. I know I could have used the scale design and filled in individual scales with my colors, and maybe I'll try that sometime, but I like how the white and orange blended.

Stamping polish is from BornPretty Store Ya Qin An in Black (item #19168) and the plate is my well-used hehe 005. Then I filled in random scales with black. And then of course top coat comes in and smudges things. Oh well, what's done is done, and this is the finished look! I actually used a holo topcoat prior to stamping, but it was pretty subtle.

This has pretty much become my go-to black for stamping, I might need to get a backup soon. Until I ran out of black for the first time, I didn't realize how often I used it for nailart! Thankfully BPS has a lot of options for stamping polish.
I got a couple plates from MoYou recently, and they have more koi designs! So I'll have to do another mani sometime in the near future. After all, koi is part of the blog name!
Next week's prompt is yellow...another difficult color. I'll have to check if I have any sunflowers on my stamping plates!