Saturday, March 12, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Fresh Daisies

Welcome to another Stamping Saturday! Today I have some bright and fresh daisies to show. After I finished the mani and was admiring it, I realized it reminds me of the Marc Jacobs perfume, Daisy Dream! Doesn't it? I don't even own the perfume but I know the bottle design is a popular inspiration for nail art.

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For my base color I used a new addition in my NVR Enuff Polish collection - Gnome on the Range. This polish was available in a recent collaboration with a couple of other indie nail polish makers, and I talked my friend into selling me just the NEP, which thankfully worked out!
This is three thin coats with topcoat. Gnome on the Range is a lovely sky blue shade that contains silver metallic flecks and subtle holographic sparkle.
You can really see the metallic flecks in the close up! I discovered I like this extra addition in the polish and have a few more that contain these flecks and I'm looking for more! Any suggestions?

Bottle shot really shows off that there IS holo there, even if my lightbox kills it! Tomorrow is spring forward, so more daylight, more opportunity for outdoor pics! At least that's my hope, knowing our weather in the PNW, it'll just rain all day everyday -_-
For the stamping, I really wanted to do white flowers because the contrast would be nice. Simplest white flower is a daisy!! I knew the exact image I wanted - it's on the UC 1-02 plate, which I covet but still do not own. That's the only plate I want in the set, and I'm too lazy to try to organize a split buy with someone and know that if I buy the whole set with the intention to sell the other plates, I will end up keeping them all. Yes, UC quality and designs are well worth it, but if I'm really hung up on getting one design, spending $30 to get it is hard to justify to myself.

So instead I got this plate from Aliexpress for $2.50! Cheap, has what I want, plus extras that I like = good purchase! (I got it here, if anyone's interested) TU-L028. I did get a few more of the TU series plates and hope to show them off sometime.

For the daisy decals - I stamped them onto my silicone mat, which already had a dry layer of clear coat. I prefer to use Wet'n'Wild Clear Protector as the decals seem more flexible even if I don't use them right away. Black stamping polish is MdU, then I filled in the white petals with Sinful Colors Snow me White. Finally, the gold centers are a sample polish from Cirque (thanks again to Amy of Fancy Side Nails for giving it to me!)  Per Amy, this gold micro glitter is called Helios and is now retired, but it definitely fit the bill for what I wanted it to look like with this daisy design!

Once the decals dry out, it's just a matter of trimming them and getting them to adhere to the base polish. Seal with top coat and voila!

I really enjoyed these, and they're fitting for spring!