Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Blue Lace

Hello and welcome to yet another Stamping Saturday post! is Sunday, actually, but I spent a good chunk of Saturday hanging out with my cousin, playing with polish and her new Cameo cutter. That's gotta count as a "Stamping Saturday" - right?  Here's the mani I want to show off today, as a result of my trial and errors. Sometimes what I envision has a hard time realizing itself exactly, so while this wasn't my original vision - I still like it a lot!
The base color is yet another polish from, click after the jump to see more!
I started the mani with a base of black, and added just 1 coat of Nvr Enuff Polish The Pagemaster. This polish is from an older collection that was recently brought back, and this is one of the colors I picked up. It's a multichrome with silver flecks.

Just like like time, when I put on a multichrome, I'm mainly seeing blue/purple shift and only at certain angles do I catch the outermost colors from the bottle shot.

Under desk lamps it's looking pretty purple, but the bottle keeps giving away what possibilities it holds.

Now, lightbox really made a difference for this one, I love how it looks!!


I tried to do a floral stamp and already made my decals and everything, but when it came time to assemble everything - the colors ended up too similar and it was hard to tell what's going on. So I scrapped that idea and stamped lace with MdU Pastel Blue and plate BBF34 from Loja BBF.

Lace designs are pretty popular on stamping plates, but this particular plate is one of all favorites as the the pattern is pretty unique and the image is continuous. The stamp can flow from nail to nail, look different on each nail yet still fit together as one design. I used the first 3 patters last summer, check them out here. And I'm being drawn to this  plate again!

And that is it for this week's Stamping Saturday! I hope you enjoyed the post, as I enjoyed the making and wearing of the mani :)