Saturday, March 5, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Coffee

Hello and welcome to another Stamping Saturday! This one is special, as it's the first time I'm doing a twin mani.
*Purchased by me* *Affiliate link* 
Beatrice, Art of Polish on IG, loves coffee, probably way more than me! When we came across a coffee stamping plate she needed to have it asap! Of course, shipping, live and coordination meant we didn't get to do twin manis for some time, but here they are!
I didn't want to show just the plain bases, as they're just normal colors without holo or special additives. But for the sake of picture variety, I am including it.

White - SH Insta-Dri OMGhost, brown is SH Insta-Dri Coco a-go-go, and the cream is Bonita Florence.

White stamping polish (for ring finger) is MdU White, and the brown is another one of the BornPretty stamping polishes #15 (item #22335) - it's very pigmented, but dried fast for me. I was rotating the wording around, trying to figure out which direction to stamp in, and those few extra seconds dried it out a bit more; but it's not a huge detriment to using this color.

All of the images come from one plate - Tian Xin 16. This is an Ebay/Ali knock-off plate that I bought a long time ago. The original is Moyou London Cook Book series. For a $2 plate it performed well, no issues with etching, at least not in the images I used :)
This twin mani stuff was fun, I hope we do it again!

If making a purchase through BornPretty Store, I'd appreciate if you used my 10% off code KOIG10 if it applies to your order!