Sunday, March 6, 2016

Compass Rose ft Baroness X & Nvr Enuff Polish

A few weeks ago I was doing a little bit of organizing, mainly swatching newer polishes and labeling the corresponding swatch sticks. Two polishes from different brands happen to have met on my desk and I fell in love with their combo and promised myself that I would put them together in a mani soon. Well, I got them to play nice and here's the result :D

Dark and beautiful, Nvr Enuff Winter Solstice, paired with the bright and happy Baroness X Chiara. Check after the jump for up close and personal pics of these two! You could even say I got two nail art looks out of this combo!I should feel bad for showing what's not readily available, but I don't. I'd rather think of it as examples of what these brands put out, they're both worth checking out! Chiara is a LE polish that the maker, Demi, typically only makes available during a giveaway or a contest of sorts. It's a bubblegum pink holo that's filled with glass and metallic flakes.

The macro and the bottle shot give a better idea of what's in there.

I put 2 coats of Chiara and a glossy top coat.

I really like that NEP Winter Solstice still reads as a navy color, and not black. It is pretty dark, but it's filled with holo and flakies. I am definitely going to swatch it on it's own soon, so wait just a little more :)

The shot of these two together may be my favorite out of all the pics I took. I just can't event...these are meant to be together! I hope the makers behind these plan a collaboration duo!!

And a close up! This is 2 coats of Winter Solstice. This polish was a gift with purchase during Small Business Saturday last year.

Doesn't it look like a beautiful night sky? Just waiting for a galaxy to explode on that canvas.

This is how I first saw them next to each other. One of the benefits of swatch sticks is putting colors side by side and getting inspired to use them.

For the first part, I used some chevron vinyls from Whatsupnails. Initially I was planning chevrons and roses, but the roses were a big fail, so..yeah, had to improvise!

I ended up using a navy stamping polish (MdU) and this compass rose from Uber Chic plate 2-03.

A little funny side story about this plate - Uber Chic sells a lot of collections in sets of 3, I really really wanted plate 2-02 and justified buying the collection with a promise to myself that I will follow through and sell the other plates, 01 and 03. While searching for some nautical imagery, anchors and what not, I was disappointing in my plates, and then I showed this one to my husband and said I really want to use the compass rose but I can't because this plate is meant to be sold. Husband analyzed the plate, booped me on the head and said it's stupid to sell it - there's quite a few images he likes on it and I'm going to have to keep it. Yay, problem solved!! :D

I got lucky with catching a bit of full on sunshine. The days are getting longer, it's kind of still light when I get home from work so I'm getting optimistic about outdoor photography again!

I hope you enjoyed! This was really fun to put together and wear.