Monday, March 28, 2016

Swatch & Art: ILNP - Overnight Bag

Hello & welcome! Sorry about the blog getting a bit silent this past week. I'm still around, still painting and playing with polish, just haven't been enthused to find the words for a whole post. But if anything can inspire to write, it's pretty polish!

Isn't that bottle of holographic chocolate just magical! Check after the jump for details on what it is :D
This beauty if ILNP Overnight Bag (buy it here!) I used 2 coats and if it looks a bit sheer on the first one, the second coat takes care of that. This was released as part of the Fall 2015 collection  and I've been going back and forth this whole time, debating if I should get it. I definitely should! This bottle isn't even mine, but it convinced me I need to add this to my wishlist ASAP! This past Saturday a few of the local polish addicts got together to hang out and I got to borrow Overnight Bag and one more (which I'll use very soon as I gotta return them!)

Getting some direct light on this just brings out all the holographic particles and lights it up!! My only concern before trying this was how much red would show in it, as per the website's description and other swatches, it can lean a bit towards red. I really wanted it to be brown and am happy that while I wore it - it was the beautiful brown just like the bottle.

And now for the stamping! All of the images come from UberChic plate 2-02.

Wood grain designs always draw me in, but until UberChic, they were pretty simplistic and definitely not as detailed or realistic looking. I used MdU Pinon for the wood stamp and Aqua for the words and heart. I struggled to find a regular polish that's just like aqua to fill in the heart with, so I just used the same polish for both, to ensure they match.

For the heart, I used black and made a decal on my stamper. For the wording I did use a clear stamper but still got it off center, lol.

I love the end result and how the colors look together! But then I started asking myself - but how is this like home? The answer is pretty simple! Just last week my husband was working on a little carpentry project and built a night table for our bedroom. He put it all together and stained it and added the glossy coating to finish it off with - it was awesome seeing it come together! So that's a pretty direct tie to the wood grain. Also, we have chocolate and turquoise towels in the bathroom, and I always think how pretty those two colors would be in a mani. Well, this is a bit more aqua than turquoise but they go together well!

I hope you enjoyed the post!