Saturday, April 9, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Lace Gradient

Hello and welcome to today's Stamping Saturday post! It's been a bit quiet around here, sorry about the lack of posts. My nails haven't been slacking - they've stayed polished! I just haven't made it to sit down and type something up. But I wanted to share this design here.

This look has a fun, bright color, a gradient and stamping! Click to read more to see the process!To get started, I used 2 coats of You're So Shellfish by KBShimmer. 

It's hard to describe the color, per the maker's description it's peachy orange, almost a neon color. Neons are hard to photograph but I feel like this shop with the bottle shows best what I saw with my eyes. It's a little more orangey on me, and pinker in the bottle.

Next, I rooted around in my drawers and came to the conclusion I don't have many browns. I really wanted to pair YSS with a more neutral color and the only think I found is a NYC Park Ave. By itsles, Park Ave does the job well, it's pretty opaque. But when I went to sponge it on, oh boy, I barely got any color payoff.

I got my sponge wet as I had a feeling that Park Ave, being a quick dry polish, would dry out faster. It barely sponged any color! I had to apply it and sponge so many times! I think it was just getting soaked by the sponge and barely any transferred to the actual nail. It was quite an ordeal and I didn't think I'd make it.

I called it good enough and moved on to stamping.

I used MdU White and lace design from Loja BBF 34. It's still one of my most used plates, the lace designs are beautiful.