Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stamping Saturday: The North Remembers

Welcome to another Stamping Saturday! Today's mani is another combination of my favorite things - polish from Nvr Enuff Polish & Game of Thrones themed design :D

I was aiming for the weirwood trees with this one but not sure I got there..
When my latest order from NEP arrived, I was surprised by how drawn I was to this white sparkly jelly - Purely Pegasus. It's full of holo, gold flakes and rainbow sparkles and shimmers.

I'm just going to say that this is bottled pegasus skin :D I used one coat over a white base as I wanted a more solid look, and haven't tried Purely Pegasus by itself to see how opaque it can get. Being a jelly though, I'd assume visible nail line would remain.

I think it's a great topper! It has a pearly/gold sheen that warms up the white base.

And I reached for my UberChic 2-02 plate again for the wood grain - it is one of the most detailed wood designs <3

I was startled to realize I don't have a grey stamping polish. I guess in the aim to get bright and vivid colors, more neutral ones got overlooked..I'll have to remedy that at some point. So to made this work, I just put a dab of black and white stamping polish (MdU) on my plate and blended them together to get grey. I didn't stamp straight on the nail as I wanted to test if I could make decals using Purely Pegasus for the backing.

I don't think the making of the tree decal was at all necessary and I should have skipped it, but oh well, it's there now. It got a bit dry and brittle and the grain lines didn't transfer perfectly onto the nails. But that's ok, it's nail art! I just covered it up with more stamping!

For the leaves I used MdU Reddish and MoYou London Suki 14 - with a clear stamper I just places one leaf at a time wherever I wanted it and covered the little gaps from the tree grain.
The lettering of "The North Remembers" is yet another DIY waterslide decal (blog post on making those is available here)
At the end, I msged my friend and checked with my husband, asking "Game of Thrones or Canada?" and they answered "both!" I don't know if I achieved my weirwood goal. Maybe if the leaves were darker...or..I don't know. We're going on a mini vacation to Canada in 3 weeks so perhaps that was subliminal ? Or maybe "the north" is set in Canada so it works out in the end? :D