Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#31DC2016Weekly: Metallic v2

I've got another black and gold mani to show today. And it's another Game of Thrones inspired one! Anyone a Greyjoy fan?
Does it count to have two entries for #31DC2016Weekly in one week to make up for not participating in a different color? Heh...yellow is still haunting me.
I feel like in any fandom where there are houses or factions or any sort of "pick a sideoption - people tend to identify with something or grow to dislike another groupI get the feeling the Greyjoys don't get much love and for a while thereTheon was really hated. So I'm just a tiny bit hesitant to show off my little krakenbut I planned this for a while
As soon as my cousin told me she got a vinyl cutter, I started plotting to get some vinyls to aid me in my quest for certain mani designs. Our first attempt was not that successful, to be honest. It was a whole new software to learn and tinker with and I basically gave up, but my cousin persisted and shortly after, I got my kraken vinyls! Thank you!! 

I either don't know about all the cool vinyl makers or there aren't many that cater to the fandoms of various shows. If you know of any - let me know! I got a ton of chevrons so it's time to branch out, lol.
Recognize the smoosh accent? This was the original mani before I smooshed all the other fingers and got 2 manis out of it - seen here.
Polishes are SH Insta-Dri Night Fright & OMGhost, gold is Bonita Golden Florence. The house words "We Do Not Sow" are another water decal (my post on how they're made is here). I am loving this ability to get exactly the image I want without agonizing over thoughts of freehand or lack of stamping plates.
I hope there are Greyjoy fans who enjoyed this! I'm a little overwhelmed with what to do next with all these possibilities, but do drop by and visit! Maybe even give suggestions!