Saturday, April 23, 2016

#31DC2016Weekly: Black & White

I feel like I've done all the color prompts for the #31DC2016Weekly challenge but have not actually posted them all on the blog...oops. Week 8 is Black & White and I was looking forward to this one. I am  really excited to share today's nail art as it signifies my favorite show returning! I've combined stamping and a waterslide decal to get my finished result and love it!

Any guesses what the theme today is? Click to find out!
Game of Throne. Tomorrow. I am so excited!! I made my own waterslide decals as I was hunting for fun images to use for GoT manis (I posted a little how-to earlier on the process of making these) I came across this doge picture and it made me giggle so much, I had to use it for a mani.

I stuck to just black and white polish for this - I like using SH Insta-Dri as they cover in one coat and dry quick. Ring finger has a white base as the decal I used only has black ink on it.

The decal barely fit, but making it any smaller would make it way harder to read the words. I then used MdU White and the lovely branches from Winstonia Hunter's Life plate. It's definitely one of my most used images and I'm already thinking of what other winter manis to do with it.

Such Winter. Much Soon. Wow. Snow. Oh No. Is Cold.

I'm hoping to use more of my decals for GoT themed manis in the coming weeks, and I hope you enjoyed these!