Thursday, April 28, 2016

Swatch & Art: Fair Maiden - Fallen Snow

Hello and welcome! I haven't done a "swatch & art" post in quite some time - and they are my favorite- so I have a pretty polish to show off today and more Game of Thrones art. Can you tell I'm kind of obsessed about it? Heh..I'll try to spread them out a bit more and include some other things in the next few weeks.
*Purchased by me* *Affiliate link* 

As the base polish is a tribute to Jon Snow, so must my nail art match! Click to see how this was put together and for swatches of the polish!
Last Friday, one of my favorite brands, Fair Maiden, quietly launched this polish on their site, Fallen Snow, along with a lovely sale of their spring colors. Of course I had to pick it up right away! Luckily, this will be restocked on 4/29/16 at 5pm Pacific.

Fallen Snow is describes as: silvery white scattered holographic with copper flash, chameleon and red-gold flakes throughout

The copper flash is very evident in the bottle, but hard to show on the nails - I promise you it's there!

The flakes are visible too and I only needed two coats for complete opacity!

I can't wait to see the holo in actual sunlight - I bet it's like sparkling snow! Which reminds me of another FM snow related polish I should revisit - Sleigh Bells in the Snow would make for a good GoT mani, right?
And for the art, I barely did anything!

If you've seen my more recent manis, they're featuring DIY waterslide decals (post on making is here) and 2 of the decals are used here as well. I did stamp the feathers from MoYou London Pro XL05 plate using black YaQinAn polish from BornPretty Store.