Sunday, April 10, 2016

#31DC2016Weekly: Blue

Today I'm back with a post for #31DC2016Weekly challenge with blue nails. I unintentionally missed yellow and green because I just got stumped by those colors and couldn't come up with anything. Blue, on the other hand, is abundant in my stash!

This post will be short, so click to read more to see what this beauty is!
As you can tell by the bottle, it's yet another polish from Nvr Enuff Polish. This gorgeous blue is a recent addition to their core unicorn line, the name is a cute play on words - Unicorn Flower.
This is a gorgeous cornflower blue cream, it also contains holographic rainbows but as usual, my lightbox eats up all the sparkles and I tend to do my nails later in the evening so I missed the sun.
This  is 2 coats  for full opacity.And I was really excited to add the accent nail so I hope you like it! I bought this stamping plate, Uber Chic Fairytale 01  as I really wanted to pair the unicorn image with my NEP polishes.  For the body of the unicorn I used another NEP - Purely Pegasus.  

That is it for blue! I hope to catch up this week with yellow and green :)