Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Winter is Coming

Hello and welcome to another Stamping Saturday! With the return of Game of Thrones I'm barely capable of getting a non-GoT related mani on, but when there's finally inspiration and motivation, why fight it and try to stick to seasonal designs? :D So here we go again with the famous house Stark words - Winter is Coming.
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While putting on my base color - Sleigh Bells in the Snow from Fair Maiden - I had a deja vu feeling and went to check my older posts. Sure enough, I've already used this color back in December for a poinsettia mani and struggled with capturing this beauty even back then!

2 coats for full opacity! I feel like the blue shimmer was a little more evident this time around.

Bottle shots always show off more of that's in the polish than I'm able to get to show on the nails.

There's a lot more to to it than just silvery white holo - see the violet shimmer in the corner of the bottle? Gorgeous!

While Fallen Snow - recently used - is the only "official" GoT polish from Fair Maiden, they do have other beautiful polishes that I pulled out of my stash to make them work for my vision of this mani.
Sleigh Bells in the Snow

Winter Moon 

Frozen Heart

I smooshed all three colors to make a marbled stone look. I don't know why I was going for stone, I just wanted a more complex background that isn't a gradient.

The polishes all have blue in them, whether it's color or shimmer, so they blended well together.

I made smoosh decals on a silicone mat and applied them over the Sleigh Bells.

Then it was time to stamp! I changed the ring finger to a white base as I wanted the wolf to pop more. And it's supposed to be Ghost, who's it works.

If the branches look familiar, they's the image from Winstonia Hunter's Life that I keep using over and over. I went through the Winstonia tag on my blog and was startled to realize this is the only image I post! And how very similar my first mani of it in 2014 is to current day. Must mean I'm consistent in my interpretation of winter, haha :D  It's just an awesome stamp to layer!
Wolf face, that can easily pass for a husky if you change the eyes to blue!, is from plate VL-2 which I got on Aliexpress a long time ago.
Polishes for stamping are White MdU and Black YaQinAn from BornPrettyStore.
And of course, the words "Winter is Coming" are via a DIY waterslide decal.