Thursday, May 26, 2016

#TheLacquerRing & HPB Presents: Neutral & Neon Floral Design

Hello and welcome! Today's post is a combination of several themes/prompts. #TheLacquerRing second May prompt is floral, and Hobby Polish Bloggers has neutral and neon, so here it is!

My first thought was to use a nude base for the neon pairing, but I've already done that before and thought I should branch out this time. I used a grey holo polish from NVR Enuff -Unicorn Thunder. I've swatched it in a post before, so I skipped solo shots of it this time. The floral/chevron stamp is from Creative Shop plate 7.
I think this is my first time showing a mani with this brand of stamping plate, but I really love the designs on them. I'll try to make it a point to use them more frequently, they need to see the light of day!
I filed my nails a bit before our long weekend vacation, so I knew the full design would not fit on the nail. I went with the decal method, and colored them in on a stamper head. I was worried the colors I chose, while being neon on their own, would not show up well over a gray base. So I added a white base (or is it top of it's on a decal?) to the decals to help the colors pop - I think the yellow and green really benefited from this.
For the flowers I used China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle, and 2 neons from LynB Designs - Yas & YOLO