Sunday, May 8, 2016

Swatch & Art: Model's Own - Indian Ocean

Today I'd like to share a new polish in my collection - Models Own Indian Ocean. Because of how sheer it is, I didn't swatch it by itself, so it has pretty undies underneath, and added bonus it had some art to decorate it.

Picture heavy post!
From googling around, it looks like Indian Ocean was released sometime back in 2012. I've heard of this polish before, but honestly didn't look into it too closely as I had assumed it would be impossible to get. Then lo and behold, one day I was scrolling through IG and saw it was being destashed.

While I was waiting for it to arrive, I of course looked up swatches and immediately started considering what undies to use with it. I believe it would cover the nail line by itself in about 4 coats and that's not usually something I do. I saw a gorgeous swatch that was using Kiko 389 as the base color and wanted to replicate it, unfortunately I only have two Kikos and that isn't one of them.

The closest polish I have is China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle, so that's what I used, with one coat of Indian Ocean on top.

Initially I thought it was a clear blue base with pink shimmer. But on closer examination, it's actually full of glass flecks and the pink shimmer shows up yellow in some angles!

The bottle shows the yellow shift really well.

For the art, I used two diy waterslide decals and stamped a few birds from plate Sugar Bubbles 31.

I almost broke away from my ongoing Game of Thrones manis, but upon a closer is yet another one in my little series. "Dark Wings, Dark Words" refers to ravens delivering bad news, and if you squint at the bird sitting in the tree, there's 3 red eyes! That detail didn't make it onto the nail, but another hidden thing is in the branches - the lighter colored spots are actually skulls. Creepy!

Overall, I'm happy with my new acquisition of Indian Ocean, and if you now want a bottle for yourself, then I hear that Sally Hansen made a good dupe, it's in the gel line and it's called Let's Get Digital.