Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Swatch & Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - Unicorn Thunder

Today's polish swatch and art are slightly influenced by the weather - grey and rainy, which calls for cozy blankies, and mine happens to be grey & blue! So that's where my inspiration comes from.
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This is yet another lovely unicorn from NVR Enuff Polish, Unicorn Thunder- a creamy grey holo, which I used three thin coats of. Check after the just to see the swatches!

Once I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised how nice and soft and feminine the color looks. I guess I don't wear neutrals that much but it was so refreshing!
I'm already thinking of what other designs I could have done with it - pink flowers? Minty chevrons? Grey pairs well with so many other colors!

For the art part, I of course stamped. The bright blue is a new polish in my collection, its from BornprettyStore  #35 (item #23197) and MdU White. The blue is very pigmented and picked up great, I noticed it dried faster than MdU, but then again, most polishes do. I have not tried a lot of specialty polishes besides MdU, but I am happy with how this one performed. It's bright and vibrant.

First I stamped the blue design from plate QA96 (item #15611), then the white one from plate BP L-006 (item #17924) I basically re-created my red plaid design from November (post here), with slightly different plates and another color scheme.

The lighting is not the best on this one, but it really show off how vibrant this blue is! I'd like to try more of their polishes as this one performed so well.

And here's the plates I used, in case this gives anyone a better visual :)

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