Saturday, May 2, 2015

#Stamping Saturday: Fair Maiden Kitty

My weekend is short-lived, as I have to go to work on a Sunday..not too thrilled about that, but that just means I have a better excuse for playing with polish on Saturday. Instead know..doing something useful with my day off, haha :D

 The star of this mani is Fair Maiden Neptune Rose which I purchased recently from their spring collection. There were some gorgeous colors, and an LE polish, but this is the one that caught my eye and attention.
      As described on the website:  Neptune Rose
Bright orchid cream with turquoise flash and violet sparkle. 
Yup, that's what draws me to it - the orchid color. I can't get enough of it! The flash and sparkle are really pretty too, but I don't think I was able to capture that on camera.
I used SH Insta-Dri OMGhost for the white accent.

The paw print is from PUEEN 40, and the adorable kitty is from BornPretty Store 59. Stamping polish is as usual - MdU Black. I filled in the kitty's eyes with Bonita Colors Cocktails in Aruba.

What are your thoughts on Fair Maiden polish? Any favorites or recommendations? I see more purchases in the future from this brand!