Monday, May 4, 2015

30 Days of Colour (May): Gold/Dotticute

 I usually drop the ball midway through a challenge but this time I want to stick it out till the end - it sounds really fun and will push me to try other techniques besides stamping :D I found this group of ladies through IG, and decided to join them for the month of May and follow along with the prompts.

I'm playing catch up from the get-go, as I had to work on Sunday and had a shorter than normal weekend. Therefore, less polish playing time. But I hope to stay on track for the remainder or May :)

My polish of choice is Bonita Colors Golden Florence (from the spring 2015 Getaway collection). I swatched it on a nail stick and was really surprised and impressed by it - it's opaque in one coat and it's slightly textured. Not like sand finish, it's less gritty and doesn't bother me like other textured polishes do. 
Macro, one coat without topcoat

But top-coating this polish gives an interesting result - the color alters! In the photo below I topcoated the whole ring finger, and only put dots of clear coat on the rest of the nails. (Thus qualifying for the "dotticure" part of the challenge, haha)
I might have gone overboard with the dots though, as they became 3D! At this point the mani turned more "m'eh" for me...I liked it better without dots, but it is what it is! The color change effect is definitely cool, it's like having 2 shades of gold in one bottle!

Thank you Katherine (ProcrastiNails) for putting together the challenge :)