Saturday, May 16, 2015

#StampingSaturday - Pawlish and Polka Dots

I'm glad to be back for Stamping Saturday! I haven't been posting recently and have been keeping my nails simple looking to keep a low profile at work....too much stress, I really wanted to quit!! But I didn't, and instead interviewed for and got another job starting next month :D Now I can continue playing with polish as usual!

This was actually my mani last Saturday but I didn't get around to uploading all the photos and writing about it till today, so here it is!
For my base color I used a new to me indie Bear Pawlish - Clever Boy. It's a cobalt blue holo, and as it's my husband's favorite color, I had no qualms about buying this one when it was released ;)

For the stamping I used MdU #24 Aqua and BornPretty plate L006. The bow is from plate QA20

To get the french tip accent, I simply put a french tip guide on top of my dry base and stamped the polka dots. Some stamping got onto my nail but the perk of MdU polish is that it's easy to remove with tape!