Tuesday, May 26, 2015

30 Days of Colour (May): Purple/Dry Brush

Time to catch up on all of May's prompts that I've done but not posted yet, still a few days left in this month!
For the purple challenge I went with Colors by Llarowe - Purple Pizzaz

Ahhh, sunshine and holos <3 

 The dry brush was...uh..not as awesome as I pictured. I attempted to use purple and mint as well as the Purple Pizzaz and this was the outcome, lol
 It's a kind of cool look, but would I wear it to work? Nope...there's no way to answer "what's this supposed to be?" haha :D I re-did the mani right after, so I guess trying a new technique in a "trash the mani" fashion works...no commitment to keeping it if it turns out strange, lol