Saturday, May 24, 2014

W Series Stamping plates 201-220: Part 1

I bought this set on AliExpress - less than $13 (free shipping) for 20 plates sounded like a win to me, especially since there's a lot of pretty full nail designs!

At first I stumbled onto these plates on ebay, but at $6.50 per plate I was a little hesitant - I've never seen them before and don't know of their quality. Thankfully kind people in various nail polish & stamping groups on Facebook let me know about the better deal on AliExpress and so I placed my first order.

Here's what's in this set:

The swirly flower design on plate W202 reminds me a lot of a phone case I had some years ago - so I'm looking forward to recreating it in my nails!

I'm planning on stamping them all to see the designs more clearly. The size of these is the same as Messy Mansion plates - 70mm. They do not have anything on the back and the edges are pretty sharp - I cut myself for the first time on a plate while scanning these. So I bought some adhesive foam and stuck it on the back to make them easier to handle :) And I did the same to my MM plates and various other random ones without backing.