Sunday, May 25, 2014

Aurora Lacquers: Swatches!

I would say that I'm relatively new to discover the indie polishes, but when I found out that a new one was being created - Aurora Lacquers, I was very excited. I think it's an awesome opportunity to watch a brand be born and expand their collections and create new polishes right before your eyes. So I'm very grateful for being given the opportunity to try their beautiful polishes! These 4 were sent to me for review. 

My Fair Lily - pale pink creme 

As I try more and more polishes I discover what I like and what I like somewhat less...and I definitely like cremes!! I used 2 coats for this one, and it's playing with me! It looks pretty white on my nail, but in the bottle it's off white. When I put it right next to SC "Snow me White" I can tell that it's the palest of pinks, but without the comparison it's hard to notice. But it wears nicely - it's not a stark white. This one gives me ideas of stamping pale pink flowers on it to draw out the pink undertones. 

Cookie Gardens - crelly filled with purple and teal glitters, pink dots and butterflies, and purple flowers
This one was really fun to wear! I put on 2 coats and the flowers and butterflies came out easily enough, but if they're in the first coat - they got covered up by the 2nd one. Maybe I don't swatch my polishes "properly" because I wore it for a day before I removed it to try another color, haha. But I don't have anything similar to it, and I notice I don't put on pastels all that often. This one is like nail art in a bottle, nothing extra needed! 

Mint Meadows - mint with golden shimmer and green glitters
I was really excited about this one, finally a minty green that's not pastel and has enough shimmer and glitter to stand out. I used 3 coats for this one as it was a bit sheer. It instantly reminded me of Revlon Wintermint, but I don't own it so I can't do a closer comparison. I was pretty sure Mint Meadows was going to be my favorite of the bunch and I was inspired to do some stamping with it right away! (stamping can be seen here

 Imaginary Butterfly - glitter topper with purple and holo dots, hexes and butterflies
Move over Mint Meadow, this one is definitely my favorite! I used one coat over My Fair Lily (pointer and pinkie), Paulette (Julep) and Black on Black (SC). I love it over black! It has so much going on in it and black makes it really pop! 

Overall, I'm very happy to have tried all of these, and I'm looking forward to the summer colors! Polishes can be purchased at Aurora Lacquers, and Mint Meadows is on sale currently. Also code "MEMORIALFUN" will get you free shipping on May 25th & 26th!