Friday, May 30, 2014

#HePicksMyPolish, for the first time...

I'm excited to be joining #HePicksMyPolish this week and taking on the challenge! This isn't the first time I've asked him to help me pick out polish or designs, but usually he responds with "whatever you like" and I'm back to trying to get inspired to do something myself. This time it's official - and he knew it!

"He" is my husband, Sam. And he was really sweet about the challenge. He was heading out to work for an evening shift just as I got home from work, and I told him I was really anxious about work on Friday and stressed out thinking about what I will have to be doing. So he set down his things and went to my polish rack and started picking things our - as I heard the bottles clanking I kept reminding him that it's just 2-3 polishes, not a dozen! He came back downstairs and handed me my polishes, and said I should spend the evening on the challenge to take my mind off work, and to make something elegant. I don't think I got the elegant part, but we both think it's cute :)

Here are my materials:
Julep Kai - baby blue sea salt

Julep Mackenzie - sour apple green frost

Sinful Colors - Black on Black

I've actually never used these Julep colors, which is great because now I had to actually try them. On the other hand, I purchased them because I liked them, but they didn't scream at me "use me now!!" which is why I haven't done anything with them - I didn't have a design  in mind with green and blue. And now he's challenged me to it. I went for my stamping plates right away, and after looking through half of them, I picked MM19.
And this is what I made of it.

Verdict: I think he picked good :)

May 25-31, have him pick your polish!