Sunday, May 4, 2014

Extra Toppings: Essence Superheroes - Fantastic Girl

There are so many different kinds of polishes and finishes, but I keep wanting to put some of them in a separate category because they have something extra about them, so I'll try to make posts specific to these polishes - my extra toppings! Today's polish is a thermal from the Essence Superheroes collection - 01 Fantastic Girl.
Fantastic Girl with L'Oreal The True Diamond topcoat as accent

Most of the time my hands are warm so that's the color that I have. I was happy to find that it did change to cold state pretty easily, not just with water but temperature on my hands throughout the day.  It makes me excited when I glance at my nails and see the tips have gone cold, the polish works! Then I realize that it's cold in the room and I should probably get a blankie before I freeze, despite my nail polish working.

I wore it for a day at work, and on the second day I added this diamond topcoat, and I must say, I love this frosty shimmer! Then when the polish turns purple and frosty, I can't stop looking! I'm really happy with this polish and it's cost - I got it for less than 3 dollars at Freddy's.