Friday, May 9, 2014

Julep Girls: The Fresh Twist - May 2014 Collection

Here they are, all the pretties lined up! Julep May collection - Fresh Twist.

I waited too long to swatch and take photos, our Portland weather came back and it's grey, overcast and rainy. I decided to take pics as is and not wait for weeks to get sunshine :) This was the first collection that I wanted it all, and did get it all! So far I've even worn 4 of the colors!

KamVintage spearmint crème

JeanneJet-set blue crème 

IonaHydrangea blue crème

JulesWarm powder pink crème

LareeGolden pink taffeta shimmer

MaddyRaspberry sorbet shimmer

RamonaMuted lavender rose crème

PauletteGolden lilac tulle shimmer

SaayaGolden apricot shimmer

I wore Ramona & Maddy first and you can see them over here. I just took off Paulette today and I'll post here in a day or two, then I'll update the link. And I just now painted my nails with Jeanne - and it reminded me that I love cremes! I even got away with just 1 coat of polish - I'm hoping the rest of the cremes are the same :)