Thursday, May 1, 2014

Julep Girls: May 2014 Classic with a Twist

Julep - May 2014 Collection : Classic with a Twist
 RamonaMuted lavender rose crème
MaddyRaspberry sorbet shimmer

Ramona all by itself - I wore it for a day at work, so gentle and soft. Even though my husband kept saying it's pink, I see it as pale lavender.

I took a risk with doing a little nail art and putting on Maddy for a halfmoon mani. I'm still scared to wear nail art to work but having to wear plain polish 5 days a week is making me try to sneak in subtle things to dress up my fingers.

Being a May baby, I felt I could treat myself to the whole collection of colors, so I'll be awaiting those to arrive in the near future <3

Fresh Twist collection has arrived and can be seen here!!