Saturday, May 24, 2014

New polish + new plates: Freaky like Freud & W208

I picked up a new polish at Sephora and could not wait to try it out! So many of my recent additions were justified with "It's my birthday..and I know no one else is going to get this for me." I guess that's the downside of owning a lot of polish, people know what you like but don't know what you have and what to get and end up getting something unrelated, lol

Freaky like Freud by Formula X is like a very soft periwinkle scatter holo. I forgot to put on base coat and just applied it straight on - I used 3 coats on my left hand because it was a bit sheer, and got away with just 2 coats on my right hand. It is really packed with holo glitter so it has a textured feel, but I smoothed it down a bit with 2 coats of SV. And immediately stamped over it without even taking a photo. But despite the textured feel and lack of base coat, after a few fingers chipped I started picking at it and basically took off the whole thing in full sheets o_o

The last one was taken inside with lights turned on - so much sparkle!!
Plate used for the stamping is W208 from the new set I got. (All plates can be seen here)

And I got around to uploading this in time for #StampingSaturday! I'm starting to look forward to it every week :)