Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen - Inspired by Each Other: Day 2

Foil butterfly nail art
Back to back posting today because I was moping around with naked nails all last week instead of getting ready for a full week of posts. Feast or famine, that's how my blog rolls! This is an "inspired by" look that surprised me!

I chose my second look from Michelle/Lacquer or Leave Her because of the foil stamping elements, they add such a bright pop of color!
Source: Lacquer or Leave Her
Alas, I quickly realized that the stamping plate I was envisioning with dragonflies won't do, because the images are nothing like these..so I rummaged about for a butterfly plate. I hit gold with CICI &SISI - Flowers plate, because there is a layered butterfly image there, which is the secret to getting fancy foil stamping like this to work! Part one is having a layered image, and part two is a magic foil stamping polish - I used a black one from Moyra. And foil..that too! I stamped and stuck foil on rather fast - from watching Moyra's video tuts in the past, I learned that waiting a while didn't work for me so I move quicker now.
I guess using a clear stamper to line things up is kind of  given, despite how misaligned mine turned out ahaha
Foil butterfly nail art
For my base color I just applied a plain white, SH Insta-Dri White is usually my go-to. I stamped the ruffle/flower image from plate 1-02 by UberChic Beauty. I thought the image was like a giant poppy, which would match the original inspo close enough! I used a red stamping polish from BornPretty Store.
Foil butterfly nail art
Just like the poppy gradient in the last post, this surprised me with how...classy? it looked on the nail. I'm not sure if I'm using the right word, but it definitely made me feel dainty and feminine. I generally don't use a lot of butterfly images at all, they kind of seem girly and childish to me, but I'm definitely learning from all the talent in DD that sometimes it's not scary to branch out - thank you Michelle for the inspo!

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